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Digital Marketing Training Institute

For Admission


We have 21 digital marketing modules specially crafted for you to crack interview and land your job in digital marketing.


Introduction to digital marketing Why digital marketing is the ideal field to start your career? Various digital marketing medium Identifying your skills How to get started in digital marketing?

Building a Website

Websites - the soul of digital marketing Why businesses require website? How websites reflect a brand? Why planning is important while building a website?

Creating Internet
Marketing Strategy

Identifying the past and ongoing strategies Studying the market and competitors Developing a brand name Launching the right marketing campaign Tracking and evaluating the campaign

Search Engine

What is SEO and its importance? Keyword research and its targeting Best practices in optimizing a website Executing content marketing and link building Tracking and measuring SEO result

Pay Per Click

Basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing What is Google AdWords? How does the AdWords auction work? Importance of keyword research and managing campaigns Tracking effectiveness of the campaign

Search Ads

What is search advertising? How search Ads work? What is Ad rank and its importance? Effectiveness of search Ads

Display Ads

What are display Ads? Different types of display ads Reaching the right customers using display Ads Delivering effective display advertising

Shopping Ads

What are shopping Ads in PPC? How does the shopping campaigns work? Who can use Shopping Ads and how to get started Benefits of running a shopping campaign

Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation? inbound and outbound lead generation Tactics used in lead generation Budgeting and challenges in lead generation

Mobile App Marketing

What is Mobile App Marketing? App store optimization (ASO) Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Ads Effectiveness of your mobile app marketing

Email Marketing

What is Email marketing? What is the purpose of email marketing The advantages of email marketing Effectiveness of email marketing campaigns


Why there is a need for data? What is Google Analytics Metrics to consider What to measure and how to measure?

Content Marketing

Why is content so important? The value of your content How content can earn conversion? Learn how to start your own blog

Graphic Designing

What is graphic designing Basic tools used for graphic designing Importance of graphic designing in digital marketing The future of digital marketing and graphic design

Social Media Marketing

What is Social media marketing? What are the various social media channels for marketing? Developing a social media strategy The success factors for developing social media marketing

Facebook Marketing

The world of Facebook advertising Why you should advertise on Facebook? How can you market on Facebook? Creating your first Facebook Ad Targeting, optimization and reporting

Instagram Marketing

Setting up Instagram account for business Setting goals and and creating a content strategy Building an Instagram brand Instagram Ads for boosting the results

Video Marketing

What is video marketing? Benefits of video marketing Developing a video marketing campaign How to market videos of Youtube?

eCommerce Marketing

What is ecommerce Marketing? Creating an ecommerce marketing plan Ecommerce marketing tools Driving sales using ecommerce marketing

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

What is online reputation management? Why do we need online reputation management? How to build trust and credibility? Online insights

Workshop From Social Media Influencers

What is affiliate marketing? The affiliate, the advertiser and the affiliate network Choosing an affiliate marketing niche Signing up with a good affiliate network